We Turn Renters Into Homeowners Take Advantage of NADA and Get Pre- Qualified for 100% FHA Financing on a new home purchase.

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Meet The NADA

NADA is a DPA program that allows you to get 100% Financing from the FHA on a new home purchase. If you would like to apply you may submit your online application to us by clicking the blue button below and you will be directed to our online application to fill out the application for approval and complete the required homebuyer education course. You can enroll in the course at no for NADA at no cost to you.Once you compelete the course you will recive a certificate of competion. Here are the general reirements in to be qualified for the laon.


  2. Pay check stubs (last 2 pay periods)

  3. w-2 and a copy of your tax returns

  4. Valid State issued identification (Georiga )

  5. You may qualifiy for addittional assistance offered through the HUD.gov

  6. All loans are subject to final approval by our underwriteing team.

You are under no obligation to sign an application for a mortgage loan if do not intend to proceed with a loan. If you decied to continue with your application we will submit your application to the lender for approval. All loans are subject to underwriting guide lines. Call us at 678-888-1197 or 678-952-0118 press option 1.